10 Healthy Foods to Weight Gain Fastly & safely

weight gain foods

 As losing weight is difficult for the person, same some people have difficulty with weight gain. Adding some healthy food to your diet help in your gaining weight. There are some best Weight Gain foods, which you should include in your diet for your healthy body and also for gain weight Fastly and Safely. 

Weight Gain Foods List

  1. Milk

Weight gain foods

              Milk includes protein, carbs, and fats, also a good source of calcium. It is used as a muscle builder and also a weight gainer. According to research, it helps your muscles when combined with weightlifting. You have to drink at least one or two whole glasses of milk which has 149 calories with a snack, or with a meal. If you are training then you can drink after or before your workout. Milk smoothies can also be added to your diet, it can be a delicious way to gain weight. You can also try 1 cup of frozen berries, 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of vanilla, and 1 cup of whole milk (gain weight by about 275 calories).

  2. Rice


            Rice, a low-cost carb source helps you to gain weight. Rice also has calorie-dense which means you can easily obtain a high amount of carbs and calories. This helps you eat more foods, especially if you have a poor appetite or get full quickly. There can another method that a large pot of rice, refrigerate it or freeze individual portions and combine it with different proteins and healthy fats for varied meals.  Rice dish can easily become a whole meal and you can try it with wild rice and chicken kale for healthy lunch which consumed 400 calories.  Rice can easily be consumed and digested.

  3. Nuts and nut butter

Nuts and nut butter

             If you want to gain weight then nuts and nut butter are a perfect choice. Only one handful of raw almonds can contain 179 calories, 6 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber, and 15 grams of healthy fats.

We can use this nuts butter in smoothies, yogurt, and crackers to turn it into a high-calorie snack in no time. Bananas with peanut butter can gain weight by 270 calories. Nuts and nut butter are delicious, high-calorie treats. They’re great for you and easy to add to many different snacks or recipes.

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  4. Dried fruits

Dried fruits

           Dried fruits provide antioxidants and micronutrients and also have a high-calorie snack. Dried fruits have a naturally high sugar content and they help in gaining weight it has a delicious taste and are convenient to eat. Dates are nutritious, full of fiber, and have high antioxidants. These are very simple to prepare as a high-calorie snack. Just two Medjool dates provide something about 130 calories. Add one or two dates in smoothies, sauces, and dressing for a touch of sweetness.

  5. Whole grains bread 

Whole grains bread 

         Whole grains bread is a good source of carbs to help in gaining weight. Simple and high-calorie meals can be combined with bread with protein sources like eggs, meat, and cheese. Sandwich which is a very common, easiest, and most portable meal help in weight gain. Ingredients can be used like meats, cheese, veggies, nut butter spread, avocado, and more. During the pandemic, sourdough bread has become increasingly popular for good reason because it is one of the most nutritious and satisfying bread. It gives about 160 calories (one slice).

 The live good bacteria in sourdough feeds bacteria in the guts, which can strengthen your immune system. Whole bread gain can be effective in gaining weight, especially when combined with a good protein source.

   6. Healthy cereals

Healthy cereals

        It is a good source of gaining weight because it has carbs, calories, and nutrients. When you cooked 1 cup of oatmeal you’ll get about 130 calories but more calories can be added if whole milk or toppings are added. Your hot oats or overnight oats or full-fat yogurt can consider toppings with nuts, dried fruits, chia seeds, fresh berries, and homemade granola. Eating cereals can be a great way to gain weight and consume more fiber. However, stick to healthier forms such as oatmeal.

   7. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate

         Dark chocolate can also gain weight because it contains a ton of antioxidants and health benefits. There is 70 percent cacao in dark chocolate which help stimulate stress hormones and blood sugar levels. It helps in preventing the risk of heart disease, cancer inflammation, stress, and diabetes. Dark chocolate is a high-fat food that has a very high-calorie density and easy to get many calories from it.60-70 percent cacao solids have something 600 calories with micronutrients including fiber, magnesium, and antioxidants. With dark chocolate, we can make a healthy chocolate dessert like energy bites, chocolate peanut butter, avocado pudding, etc.

  8. Cheese


    Dark chocolate has high calories and fats. Just one ounce of cheddar cheese has 110 calories and 7 grams of protein. Cheese is very tasty and is liked by mostly everyone. It can be incorporated into most dishes and easily add several hundred extra calories. As we know cheese is available in countless varieties. Many cheeses is high in cholesterol and saturated fat. One of the best cheeses which can be taken by all is Mac and cheese. This is a healthy version of the perennial favorite. Cheese is a very good source of protein and rich in healthy fats.

   9. Whole eggs

Whole eggs

         The egg is a great combination of high-quality protein and healthy fats. It is the healthiest muscle-building food. Nutrients of the eggs are present in their yolk. If you want you can easily eat three eggs per day.  Eggs can be cooked and used in different ways. Many athletes and bodybuilders eat six or more eggs daily. It is also used in salads, casseroles, sandwiches, baked egg muffins, and bread substitutes. You can add many things to omlette like meat, veggies, cheese, and avocado for the high-calorie extravaganza.

  10. Healthy fats and oils

Healthy fats and oils

             These are the most calories dense foods on the earth. 1 tablespoon of olive oil to sauces, and salads while cooking can add 120 calories. These are healthy oils like extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil. For Weight gain, you can have a butter coffee for breakfast or as a high-calorie snack. It is very important to gain weight you should take healthy oils in your diets such as avocado oil and olive oil.


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